My name is Wendy and my aim is to get life-changing results for my clients so they can reach their full potential and live in the world ‘Free From Fears’.

With more than 30 years’ experience as a Business/Life Skills trainer and Energy Psychology practitioner, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of clients of all ages move forward to greater achievements in both their careers and personal lives.

I have gained the highest qualifications possible in my fields, and always keep up with latest developments and trainings especially in the exciting, rapidly changing world of Neuroscience, EFT and MR. Simply, I love and am passionate about what I do.

Whether working with private clients, those in business, sports, the arts, medicine or education, I am often told this love and passion is tangibly evident and the ‘X-factor’.

Wendy Power Stoten


professional PERFORMANCE

Here, I combine my skills as a Practitioner and Business/Life skills Coach to offer a highly comprehensive and effective service. I work 1-1, with group workshops or through delivering presentations.

Fears & Phobias

Don’t stay trapped! A fear, anxiety or phobia can plague someone for life. Often you can’t remember when it started, but it is always with you, lurking in the background, stopping you from having true freedom to do, go, be what you want. I know- I’ve been there!

Health & Wellbeing

Stress is a seriously dangerous threat in our fast evolving world. Left unaddressed, stress can quickly spiral into a break down in mental health. Effective help needs to be available if employees, staff, students etc. are expected to be able to give their best.


Professional People​

  • Removing blocks to progress and success in careers. Often this can be helping eliminate the fear of public speaking, the no.1 fear in developed world or the fear of greater responsibilities and expectations..

Cultural Awareness​

  • Businesses working or wanting to work with other cultures, training with Cultural Awareness & Competence, and tailoring for Country Specific expertise. Wendy has delivered training to many key companies, enabling them to turn cultural differences into business advantages.

Staff Wellbeing

  • Happy Staff = Successful Business. Wendy has worked with many organisations to successfully combat stress and create a healthier, more positive, resilient and productive working environment. The results have been staggering and invaluable.

Student Wellbeing

  • Eliminating limiting beliefs and building solid resilience and confidence in students of any age whose exam stress is in danger of detrimentally affecting their results. Freedom to get the results you deserve.



  • With specific phobias such as spiders, wasps, needles, dentists, flying, heights etc., reasoning tends to be more generalised and in these cases just one or two sessions are often enough


  • Non-specific fears set off a more personal anxiety or terror with layers of hidden triggers. Fears of not being good enough, of losing, of failure, of perceived danger and many more can take two or so sessions to clear.

Public Speaking / Wedding Speeches

  • 74% of us suffer from fear and actively avoid public speaking….unless it’s a WEDDING! I help Bestmen, Grooms, Fathers of the bride and others eliminate the dread of their wedding speeches, to fully enjoy the lead up to and, most importantly, the wedding day itself.

Athletes & Performers​

  • Sports, Dance and Drama, Creative Arts people of any age simply, quickly, effectively and painlessly releasing the mental blocks that are preventing them from moving from talented to elite.


“With Wendy’s help, I was able to overcome an issue with public speaking that had caused me tremendous stress & constant anxiety for over 30 years.  Working together, we changed my life in two hours!  I was absolutely amazed and have continued to schedule additional sessions with Wendy to address other topics and issues in my life. I refer others to her without hestitation.”


- Cornwall

“I needed to make some big decisions around the direction my company was taking  and I couldn’t decide which way to go. Wendy listened intently while I went on and on, tapping as we went, and  then she then brought all my ramblings into an intuitive, coherent summary of the whole situation. The lights went on! It was obvious what I needed to do.”


- Hampshire

Wendy’s sessions with our students have had a significant impact on their emotional wellbeing and ability to sustain effective study. Her success with the students has been considerable, with many crediting her with playing a pivotal role in their high grades. Wendy is warm, approachable and professional –all seems possible with her.”

Maria Adams

- Bolitho School, Penzance

“Yesterday, with Wendy, a life changing event happened. I can now be free, go anywhere and feel amazing. I am now not scared of dogs anymore. Yesterday was the best and biggest day of my life. PS. My brand new list of jobs: Zoo keeper, Vet, Kennel/Cattery/Animal sanctuary owner.”

Esme (aged 9)

- Cornwall

“I can highly recommend Wendy to anybody who wants to face and overcome a fear. I had a phobia of driving and had tried various other therapies and counselling sessions without any positive effects.  After treatment from Wendy via Skype my fears went completely. This has had a massive impact on my life.”


- Dorset

What are Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Matrix Reimprinting (MR)

EFT and MR (often known as ‘Tapping’ techniques) are becoming widely recognised as powerful tools under the umbrella of Energy Psychology and the field of Neuroscience.

Albert Einstein stated, “Everything is energy. That’s all there is to it… This is not philosophy. This is physics”. Health, on all levels, is about energy flow. Disease, dis-ease, symptoms or stress are about blockage

EFT and MR aim at eliminating negative emotions and limiting beliefs that block you from good health and wellbeing, so you can ‘go with the flow’ and get what you want, can and deserve out of life.Numerous scientific studies prove that EFT and MR produce rapid, effective, long lasting results – often one or two sessions is enough for major shifts, thus making it very cost-effective. In addition, it is simple, gentle, safe, non-invasive, can be easily learnt for self-use, involves no drugs or equipment, has no side effects, can be used on almost any problem and medical condition and is often found to work where all else has failed.

Wendy is fully qualified and highly experienced in these techniques and gets amazing results with her clients. She works 1-1 or with small groups. She also runs EFT and MR workshops.

Business Skills & Cultural Awareness

Wendy has considerable experience of living and working in various countries on different continents, and has an academic degree and extensive work experience in the field of cultural awareness. This, combined with her passion for travelling and people, means she is ideally placed to help you get the most out of your dealings with other cultures. 

Wendy has delivered Cultural Awareness and Competence seminars for over 20 years to many key companies including The London Stock Exchange, Rolls-Royce, Honda and Cit-Alcatel, and more recently to local Cornish firms. 

Through offering bespoke training to precise needs, whether supporting general cross-cultural awareness, or tailoring specifically to target countries, she has enabled companies and organisations to turn cultural differences into business advantages.
Wendy has been invited to speak on cross-cultural issues at several International business events, and enjoys the opportunity of contributing to the success of overseas connections.

Wendy still travels whenever possible, often to India where she volunteers on projects designed to help alleviate poverty and suffering.



My base is in Marazion, Cornwall with sweeping views over St Michael’s Mount and the bay. A very special, peaceful place to welcome you to.


Coming to you whether at home, your office or workplace, school, college, hospital is always an open option. It’s whatever works best for you.


Skype or Facetime has allowed my client base to be worldwide with 'virtual' face-to-face sessions attaining equally effective results. Super convenient, too!


Meet me at 'Life Changing Health & Well-being' in this beautiful, tranquil resort in Carbis Bay. Easy to find with plenty of free parking.


  • wendypower1@hotmail.com
  • Chat with me on Skype @wendypower1
  • 07419 335424
  • Sand Castles, 1 Rose Hill, Marazion, Cornwall
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