‘Word-of-mouth is the best medium of all’  William Bernback

Wendy’s clients have always found her through word-of-mouth. She appreciates that  their faith and belief in her makes them keen to recommend her whenever they come across someone who they feel could greatly benefit from her skills. 

The best news is, these recommendations are no longer limited to just friends and family who live near or can travel to Cornwall. Via Skype, Wendy can respond to recommendations and meet the demand for her treatments from anywhere in the world. She has been delivering sessions with the same great results to clients in the USA, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Europe as well as all around the UK.

With this in mind, through this world wide website, Wendy is simply extending her word-of-mouth marketing, by offering you the chance to read some of the many client testimonials she receives.

They have been categorized for your ease of finding and reading. However, Wendy would like to emphasise that even though the ‘title’ of your issue maybe the same as a testimonial, no two experiences or lives are ever the same. 

The skill that people remark upon again and again, is Wendy’s amazing ability to hone in on your unique set of circumstances that led to your block or negative limiting belief, and tailor a unique session for you to eliminate and be free from them. 

The journey is different each and every time; the result of being free is the same!

Wendy believes that, the results speak for themselves.

To find out more, please contact me on 07419 335424

Wendy Power




imageEmotional freedom therapy?

Wendy Power

Put simply, EFT can help you dump the negative stuff that is making life difficult for you. Given the right conditions, the mind and body are very good at self-healing. Despite challenges that are thrown at us, we can usually handle them and continue to go with the flow. Sometimes, however, the challenges can be overwhelming and a helping hand is needed to move the log jam of problems down the stream and restore natural free-flow and balance.

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