“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of it’s troubles…it empties today of it’s strength.” Corrie Ten Boom


“When I first saw Wendy I was extremely run down and out of cheap nfl jerseys balance. I had been suffering with aching limbs and shoulders and with anxiety and had recently given up my job due to my condition. I was beginning to think that I would never get better – I had in the past seen a kinesiologist, reflexologist and hypnotherapist along with having Cognitive Behaviour Therapy sessions. All of these had helped me slightly in their own way but it didn’t seem to last and I’d be back to square 1!

Since seeing Wendy and having EFT, I have seen a vast Fake Ray Bans improvement and feel I am at last able to live a ‘normal’ life again! My aches and pains and anxiety disappeared. Although the symptoms sometimes return when I get ‘stressed’, they aren’t as severe and Wendy has given me tools to use to reverse the symptoms on my own.

She is extremely caring and approachable and non-invasive. She is passionate about what she does which shows in her treatments. I would have no hesitation in recommending Wendy to anyone as I have eventually got my life back. “

Shelley, Cornwall


“Wendy is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, with a passion and commitment for healing. Wendy helped my father with Alzheimer’s become much more physically active which has greatly improved his quality of life and also that of my mother who is his full time carer. Wendy has also has helped me manage a childhood fear of public speaking, we managed this over skype but we will certainly be catching up when I am back NFL Jerseys Cheap in the UK. I cannot recommend Wendy highly enough.”

Nicki, Australia


“The inspiration from what I felt after my session with Wendy last Wednesday demanded my attention. So I write out of conviction and not out of a false sense of duty!

After our session together, I noticed how happy I felt, peaceful and calm. As I journeyed home I noticed how things seemed brighter; I had fresh energy and felt more positive.

Later I noticed that my creative side begun to emerge and what had previously seemed a threat and a source of unhappiness now became innocent, harmless. My sensitivity, instead of being nfl jerseys cheap a source of shame jordan retro 1 and regret now felt it could be a source of strength – the personal view giving way to a less attached universal view.

I became more aware of the passengers on a bus, sharing a smile and a few words as easily as if they had been members of my own family or old friends. And all these new developments felt like the ‘real me’ emerging again that delighted in making contact with others.
I want to thank Wendy for her skill and her gentle and ‘yes’ sensitive approach. I found her to be a bright, energetic and quickly responsive person, who had shown her skill at evoking a felt positive response in me.”

Christopher, Hampshire