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“Life begins where fear ends”. Osho

Fear of Flying

“Your treatment was so fast and effective. I came with a paralysing fear of flying. I struggled to even think about getting on a plane but I really wanted to go on a trip to The States. I had the wholesale jerseys china long-haul flight soon after my treatment. I got on the plane and even stayed on it when another nervous passenger got off. I have now even got close to a plane and stood underneath one. I would never of done that before.”

click here buy it Marcia, Devon

Fear of Dogs

“In September 2014 Wendy gave me a couple of EFT treatments when I was staying down in Cornwall.
I have had a fear of dogs for as long as I can remember. I would even cross the road if a small dog on a lead was coming my way. I would constantly be scanning around me for any ‘danger’. This had such an effect on my daily life and I couldn’t even go to the park or the beach.
Wendy helped me delve deep into my issue and where it was generated from. The treatment was fantastic and I felt very comfortable and relaxed in her presence. After my treatments, walking round in Cornwall on my week holiday proved to be a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience. I didn’t feel stressed or anxious by the dogs around me. Normally I would be shoving the boyfriend in front of me for protection! This April, my grandmother got a dog. A very cute one at that. It was my first experience of loving a dog on first sight. Can’t wait to meet more!”

Jessica, London

Fear of being alone/ Fear of driving

canada goose <span style="color: Sinks #0000ff;”>“I can highly recommend Wendy to anybody who wants to face and overcome a fear. I had immense fear of being left alone at night and a dreadful fear of driving my car. I had previously tried various other therapies and counselling sessions without any positive effects.  After treatment from Wendy via Skype these fears went completely. This has had a massive impact on my life and I put it all down to the sessions delivered by Wendy- I cannot thank her enough.”

Yolanda, Dorset

Fear of Snakes

“After living for several decades with the daily stress and recurring dread caused by a series of traumatic incidents with dozens of snakes in my home when I was young, I came to Wendy oakley outlet emotional, frazzled and desperate for relief and a long-term solution.  She immediately put me at ease and confidently told me she could help. 

After our first tapping session, I realized extraordinary relief and noticed an immediate impact on my daily life.  I was so amazed and thrilled, and hopeful that I was on my way to recovery. 

 After our second session, I’m happy to report the “snake thing” is gone from my life.  I now have a completely normal awareness Cheap Oakleys and understanding of how this issue affected me for so long, and I now live my life completely free of it. 

 Imagine this…..years and years of cheap MLB Jerseys stress, anxiety and fear……gone….completely wiped out in two one-hour meetings with Wendy.  I can’t recommend her strongly enough.”

Mark H , Los Angles

 Fear of Spiders

“Spiders were my enemy until Wendy came along.

I’m only 12 so it affected me on my grades and lifestyle and at night I had trouble sleeping knowing that anything could be lurking under my bed!

 When I went to Wendy, a mother-like person, my fear had gone to the number 9 (10 is the highest and 1 is the lowest). It was starting to affect my mum as well as me and we knew we had to do something. On my first session Wendy went through some tapping, we worked together and by the end I felt confident that this might just go. That night I slept a whole lot easier and knew it had made a difference. However a few weeks later I got a letter from the school saying they would like all Year 7 students to participate in a special insect and reptile day . There would be a tarantula and I felt really uneasy at the thought!  I had a second session with Wendy and I told her about the letter. She told me she could help and we did more tapping and exploring. When I walked out I felt as if nothing could defeat me.  A couple of weeks later I went into school and below is a picture of me defeating my fear!!!”

Elena, Cornwall

Fear of Heights

celine bags “I have been frightened of heights as long as I can remember.

canada goose  I took up skiing in my 50s but the lifts really freaked me out. I tried several types of counseling, including hypnotherapy, to help, but they were no good, and some even made me worse.

out site out site A friend suggested cheap jerseys I try WENDY.  She turned my life around after only 2 sessions.

I use chair lifts, bubbles and cable cars with ease. I can’t recommend Wendy’s treatment highly enough!”

Neville ( aged 66…it’s never too late) Cornwall

canada goose “Skiing in Cervina, chairs, bubble and a cable car! No problem. THANK YOU ” ( Text message from the slopes!!)

“My fear of heights started at a really young age.  I managed to survive by avoiding any high situations as far as possible. However canada goose goose canada, it was often difficult because it included walking or driving across bridges and going up tall buildings.

It was a living nightmare when I found out I had to travel for work to places like Tokyo, Hong Kong and Dubai because of all the skyscrapers. I was literally terrified and thought I’d have to give up my job.

canada goose Thank goodness for Wendy. After 2 sessions of tapping, I literally couldn’t really remember why I had been so afraid. It was incredible. I go on my trips without a single worry about meetings in skyscrapers now. And I can walk over bridges!”

James, Devon