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The struggle for perfection can be overwhelming as we are tested from cradle to grave:

celine handbags out site “With the coursework deadlines due, and exams round the corner, my last few months of Sixth Form were incredibly stressful. However, with Wendy’s help, and advice, I felt much more in control about my work load, and this allowed me to focus when I needed to most. The opportunity to speak to someone about how I cheap jordans online was feeling, and to learn methods to tackle stress and anxiety helped me greatly canada goose, and the time that I spent Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses with Wendy allowed me to clarify my mind, and walk into the exam room with confidence. As a natural sceptic to alternative medicine, and therapy, I was initially dismissive of the methods that we used, however this quickly changed, as after each session I felt relieved and as if my mind was clear, and they proved immensely effective in reducing my stress. I can only thank Wendy for all of the help that she has given me, and without such help the exam period would have been considerably more stressful.”

Oliver, Penzance.

“If there are any HeadTeachers out there reading this, PLEASE can you do your students a HUGE favour and take Wendy on in your school! To say she makes a difference is an understatement. She is a life-changer. I was terrified of taking exams to the extent that my head would whirl when I tried to revise. I got adrenaline rushes thinking about them that got worse as the exams got closer. The first time I saw Wendy, I couldn’t even speak, but we cheap authentic jordans started tapping and she seemed to mind-read how I was feeling. Baraja? After a while I was able to start talking about my fears. We discovered they went back to the pressure I felt during Primary SATS when a teacher had said she hoped we wouldn’t let her down. We tapped on that as if it was a movie and the fear just disappeared. It was amazing. That afternoon I left Wendy feeling a different person and went home to revise. It might sound unbelievable but I was actually excited about it ray ban outlet after that. I still got a bit nervous on the day, but no more than anyone else. Thank you Wendy so much.”

Phil goose canada, Penzance

“I thought I was on top of my work and my exams and was really feeling confident, but then we had a sudden family tragedy and it totally threw me. I was a mess, but a part of me knew I didn’t have time to be! The exams were going to be happening whatever was happening  personally to me. I knew I had to detach from my sadness and kind of compartmentalise til I had the right space for it, but I didn’t know how on earth I could do that.  And that’s when Wendy appeared. …like an angel, I have to say. She listened to my outpourings while we tapped, and I felt all my confusion melt away. The guidance she gave me was so spot on and relevant. I don’t know how she does cheap jerseys wholesale what she does, but I am so very glad she does it! It literally saved me. I am happy to say, I did really well in my exams against all odds. I’ve also seen my loss in a different light. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Sophie, Hayle.

buy it “Wendy has worked for the school for three years and in that time she has had a significant impact on the students’ emotional wellbeing and ability to sustain effective study.

canada goose She is employed in the run up to exams, where she provides a general introduction for the students on managing exam nerves.

canada goose Students are then free to book separate appointments to see Wendy in a more focused and personalised way.

out site click here Her success with the students has been considerable, with many crediting her with playing a pivotal role in them gaining the high grades they have.

canada goose Wendy is warm, approachable and professional – all seems possible with her.

Emotional wellbeing is a fundamental aspect in achieving one’s academic potential and when this is denied to the student, through fear and low levels of confidence, Wendy provides a path to this.

canada goose I thoroughly recommend her to you.”

Maria Adams – IBDP Coordinator, Bolitho School, Penzance.