How I can help


Apart from “I do”

one of the most common things heard at a wedding is

“I’ll be able to enjoy it once the speeches are over!”

IF you are reading this because:

  • you want to be free from the fear and anxieties surrounding your wedding speech
  • as THE speeches approach, you know your mouth will go dry, your stomach will start churning, your hands will be shaking
  • you will be worrying that your mind will go blank
  • you want to feel comfortable and natural when talking in front of your wedding guests
  • you wish to be able to enjoy the lead up to the wedding and the wedding day itself
  • you have found yourself thinking or saying, “I’ll be OK once the speeches are over!”

Then you are in exactly the right place.

I help Bestmen, Grooms, Fathers of the bride and others


the dread of their wedding speeches and fear of public speaking,

so that they can enjoy the lead up to the wedding

and most importantly the wedding day itself.


Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m WENDY POWER, and I’m an EFT therapist and Life/Business skills trainer.

For over 15 years I have helped people gain freedom from fears, phobias, stresses, anxieties…in fact anything and everything that stops people from being able to go with the flow.

The fears, feelings and thoughts around wedding speeches and public speaking are some of the most common I treat.

As a fully qualified and highly experienced EFT practitioner, I know you don’t have to live with these emotions a moment longer, and I am genuinely passionate about teaming up with you to get rid of them.

As a specialist in this area, I have helped many clients and at all extremes: from mild panic to people who have passed out when speaking in public.


The best news of all is that even the most extreme fears can be cured.
It’s true that your fear symptoms are unique, and need to be dealt with as such…..
….But your fear isn’t.
So although it can definitely feel like you are the only one, or yours is worse than anyone else’s,
The Fear of Public Speaking is the number 1 phobia in the UK, the USA and most developed countries.
By the way, the second biggest fear is death……..Take a quick look at what Jerry Seinfield has to say about this!

Most people with a fear of public speaking are normal, intelligent, happy and well-balanced. They often come across to friends and colleagues as confident and outgoing
Many people accommodate their fear or phobia for a long time – typically for years, even decades. It is often surprising at just how far people get in life and have still managed to avoid public speaking.

a wedding speech can’t usually be avoided. At least, not without ‘raised eyebrows’ from guests which can be too embarrassing to contemplate.
When faced with a wedding speech many sufferers realise and start feeling that:

 “enough is enough”.

“It’s time to do something about it”.

“What am I waiting for?”

“It’s time to get help!”

If any of this is resonating with you, PLEASE contact me.

It really is so easy to rid yourself of these feelings for good. 

End your suffering now.

What ARE you waiting for?