“The Power to create a better world is within each of us. It begins with sharing the unique and brilliant gift you are on this earth to share”. George Hardwick, Creative Uprising.

George goes on to encourage us

“to discover what we are passionate about, to become brilliant at it, and then to realise it is not only our honour, but our duty to share it!” 

This just about sums up what I what I believe and strive for, and every time without fail, when I see a client I think how lucky I am to be living my dream purpose.


“Working with Wendy has been purely delightful.  Her high-energy, brilliant smile and ever-present sense of humor make it super simple to relax and be open to her guidance and therapy.”

“Wendy is warm, approachable and professional – all seems possible with her.”

“Wendy’s compassion for me was clearly apparent from our very first conversation.  Her ability to assess my situation and offer a clear and simple path to resolution left me immediately at ease and comfortable with the process.  Wendy’s a total pro!”

“The treatment was fantastic and I felt very comfortable and relaxed in Wendy’s presence.”

“Wendy is extremely caring and approachable and non-invasive. She is passionate about what she does which shows in her treatments. I would have no hesitation in recommending Wendy to anyone as I have eventually got my life back. “

Career In Brief

Wendy has more than 30 years’ experience in her chosen fields.

She began her career as a business language and skills trainer in Japan where she lived and worked for 3 years, advancing from trainer to director of studies for 4 schools. She then worked for periods in Spain, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, and South America  before returning to work in the UK.   Her roles included designing and delivering one-to-one intensive training for top management of high end businesses where time was a premium and results had to be quick, tangible and highly effective. She was also in charge of special skills seminars such as presentations, negotiating, diplomacy, writing etc. As a result of  living and working in various countries, and her passion for understanding different cultures, she became a leader for the Cultural Awareness Training programme working for example with M&As across cultures, relocation packages, hospitality etc.

During this time of working and travelling, Wendy developed her interest and skills as a  complementary therapist.  When she moved to Cornwall in 2000, this took on a greater role. She gained the highest qualifications possible in her fields, and most significantly as an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner, more recently adding Matrix Reimprinting to her tool box. Much of Wendy’s work has been centred on the elimination of fears, anxieties, self-doubts, limiting beliefs and phobias with private clients, business people, sports people and students. The results are usually tangibly life changing. She works one-to-one either in Cornwall or via Skype which allows her client base to be world wide.

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Wendy is a long term resident of Cornwall and lives with her husband and son in Marazion.  She is active in the community, volunteering and fund raising and in her free time loves to surf, run, play tennis, volleyball and travel especially in India, where she actively supports a children’s home and volunteers on projects helping eradicate poverty in slums through sport.